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Vector sounds like Wally Gator.

Which makes complete sense, because they're both fraudulent homosexuals.


Brief pause.

i just wanna say, this vids' actualy prety dum. i mean, i'v seen othr flashs and they hav cahractrs n stuf and lines and affects and actul animashun, but tihs 1 just has words. I mean, wut kind of animashun just has words that is so domb. don't act liek u think its cool, ur just a bunch of hispter posers trying to hard. plus, its title isnt cool either, just dot dot dot thats so stupid i cant even understand wy this flash got the daily feeture, or a score of 4.71!!

P.S the only reson im giving this a 10 is becuze it gives the pepole on newgrounds who make terible reviews something to think about.

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With the smooth animations, hilarious story, fun-as-hell gameplay, and super satisfying bloodsplosions, The Peacekeeper shows that A10 and Berzerk know what it takes to make a good flash shooter. However, there are a few things I have gripes about:

-The fact that you get bonus money from how much health you have left is somewhat odd. This mechanic lead to me waiting for my healthpack to recharge while leaving one or two enemies shoot fruitlessly over my head at the end of a wave.

-The lag on using abilities can be a bit annoying, especially with the EMP, since it's meant to give you a second to fire back.

-The enemies who use shields, while not difficult to deal with, can be awfully annoying once large numbers of ruffians show up. Instead of making them (and anyone behind them) immune to any damage besides grenades while they have their shield raised, why not give us an upgrade that allows us to pierce a certain number of enemies?

-I wish there were more missions available for when you complete the story mode. The main goal for most players is to get all of the upgrades, but this becomes a huge chore when you make only about 6000 cash per level. More missions and challenges that give increasingly large rewards would make this a much more interesting experience.

Not Good Enough

I'll admit, this game had a lot of good qualities. Games that allow wanton destruction and the upgrading of how you accomplish such destruction are always barrels of fun, but this one didn't do it for me.

I understood that, early in the game, you start out on very small and simple missions where you only have a row of small buildings and other things to destroy, but this game seems to do that throughout the entire thing. It never goes to a more populated or cluttered area to destroy, and the game moves awfully slow, even in the lowest quality.

In my book, not a terrific game.

The Running of the Zombies

Quite a wonderful game. Smooth animation, easy gameplay to adapt with, and we all know that there is nothing more satisfying than blowing the brains out of a zombie's skull from point-blank range with a sawn-off shotgun.

However, like all games, it did not come without flaws. It didn't really make sense to me why bullets weren't able to hit zombies from a distance. Plus, sometimes zombies would just run past you so you could take them out from behind, which gives me the sense that they aren't all after me, and is therefore less scary.

I would suggest that something of a shop system that allows you to purchase new weapons would have worked out, but then again, shops are for sandboxes and are not exactly compatible with rail shooters.

Other than that, terrific game. I shall play it until the midday sun burns through my retinas.

Jimp responds:

Great, thanks for the review man!

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Bowm bowm bowm bowm bowm bowm bowm!

I enjoyed the bassy backround and the twangy lead guitarisms. However, the singing was a little too quiet and you should've anunciated a bit more. Other than that, terrific work!

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Something's fishy.

The simplistic style is very lovely to look at, and the colors look very befitting and clearly picked with consistency in mind. The lines aren't so much of a problem, as I feel they give an organic feel to this work. However, the shadows are a bit too simple. They're located directly under both miners, even though the light source is clearly coming from behind them from the torches, so their shadows should've stretched away from them in the opposite direction of the fires.

Either way, very lovely and simple piece which clearly had some heart put into it. Lovely job!

ClassyRaptor responds:

thanks for the comment, its funny, i put in the shadows without giving much thought, and i knew someone was going to point that out, but i was too lazy to really do anything about it. Im going to try to be a little bit better about my future drawings with things like that. thanks!

Quite a lovely concept you have there! Why bother wasting your resources on bulky armor and expensively tempered swords when you can just drop a collection of stone-fleshed berserkers coupled with hellhens on top of whoever doesn't bode well with your methods?

jouste responds:

haha exactly!

thanks for dropping by chickenlump! I've always really liked your stuff!


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