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Old Blood and New Shoes

2017-10-29 04:56:06 by Chickenlump

Someday we will all get to be happy.

Until that day, I'm afraid we'll make do with what we have.

I'm Sorry I Wasn't There

2013-07-30 02:02:52 by Chickenlump

Please forgive me.

Come back.

I loved you.

White House Dilemma

2010-09-08 17:41:36 by Chickenlump

You would have to actually visit the White House to understand this, but everyone should at least be aware.

Here, in America, right next to the White House in Washington, District of Columbia (the single bastion of sincere protection the leader of the free world has), is a much larger, more impressive building.


Disregard That Last Journal

2010-09-06 00:47:02 by Chickenlump


/* */

Back to DeviantArt!

2010-08-21 17:06:22 by Chickenlump

That's right, bitches! My ban is up and I'm retreating to the pseudo pop culture paradise of DeviantArt! Don't expect any more updates on this account! Never. Nope. None. Not.

Wanna keep up with me? Well then, come on down!

To commemorate this fine day, I will gift you all with a picture of a spider. Love ya.

Back to DeviantArt!

So I did.

Good to be back, America.

I felt like making a new news post.

Is a man not entitled to the swazoo of his bulldozer?

2010-07-30 16:00:13 by Chickenlump


The answer is carbonite.

Dear Friends...

2010-04-11 16:42:47 by Chickenlump

...I am not leaving forever. However, you will not be compensated for your duties.

Dear Friends...

2010-04-02 21:50:59 by Chickenlump

...I am leaving forever. Take this picture as a reward.

Dear Friends...

Art Portal? What?

2009-06-21 13:44:27 by Chickenlump


The revolution is coming!

Art Portal? What?